Ontario 9 Events for 2018

Meeting Schedule

Monthly meetings are held throughout the year.  Meet for dinner, stories and laughs at 6pm.  Meetings start at 7pm. At Broadways in Riverside South. The address is 665 Earl Armstrong.



Ride Schedule For 2018

Group rides take place several times a month and range from short trips with a coffee stop to overnight excursions for conventions, fundraisers or just sight–seeing.  Meeting places and general details will be sent out in an email prior to the rides.  Any Red Knights from other chapters that would like to join us can email us at on9@redknightsmc.com for departure points and times.  If you have any rides planned that you would like to invite other members to, please feel free to contact one of the executives to send the message out.  For maximum enjoyment, please arrive with a full tank and empty bladder.


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